The music promises made by KEITH JACOB are as uncomplicated as a whisky shot.  “The girls will dance, the guys will rock”, says the singer songwriter who backs up his bad-boy, good-time guarantee with a roadhouse rock revue on stage.

Girls wanna dance

The son of a Colonel, his vagabond childhood included stops in four Southern states, which explains why he can plug into AC/DC, worship ERIC CHURCH and owe plenty to JOHNNY CASH. JACOB speaks admiringly of GARTH BROOKS’ showmanship and EMINEM'S audacity but it is the music star nicknamed BOCEPHUS that he aspires to share a round with. “If I could sit down with any one person on the planet to do a few shots with and talk about life, it would be HANK WILLIAMS JR.”

A concert by JACOB is far more than its sound however, it matches spectacle with the sonics thanks to dancers KC OSBORNE, DEANNA LEGGETT and TAYLOR ACKERMAN (star of the VH-1 show HIT THE FLOOR). ROBIN ANTIN of PUSSYCAT DOLLS fame choreographs the live show and a DJ backs up the band to “keep the girls moving”, JACOB notes with a grin.  “I’m visually motivated, I believe in putting on a show, not just a concert.” 

It was his Mom who set the backbeat of his music journey, “I had to learn to play piano, cello and trombone and I hated it at the time.”  Once a chore, music grew into a passion for the performer who is now plugging into the same amps as SEBASTIAN BACH and SHOOTER JENNINGS.  “The process of writing, recording, producing and performing a song is simply magical for me.”  Those may be the four-wheel fundamentals that drive JACOB, but he promises a party-bus spirit to the concert-goers who come along for the ride.